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Identity Theft Insurance

Identity Theft is the crime of stealing someone’s personal, identifying information such as name, PPS number, credit card number, driver’s licence number, bank account number, passport number or any other piece of personal information for the purpose of fraudulent use.

Why should you insure against Identity Theft?

If you experience Identity Theft your credit rating and reputation may be severely damaged as a result having a hugely negative impact on your personal life and your business life. Wexford Insurances will provide you with the means, financial assistance and support that you will need to get through it, through our Identity Guard identity insurance package.

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Identity Theft Insurance Policy Benefits available are:

  • Re-Application of loans
  • Cover for wages of up to 6 weeks
  • Legal fees incurred as a result of Identity theft
  • Financial reassurance costs regarding clearing your name
  • Competitve rates
  • Free online quote
  • Three levels of cover to suit your needs