Holiday Home Insurance from €209


Holiday Home Insurance with Wexford Insurances

There has never been a better time to get your holiday home insurance. We can offer you great value cover for accidental damage to both your buildings and contents from as little as €209* if your holiday home is for family use and there is no claims history on the property.

Tips for reducing your Holiday Home Insurance premium.

To avail of this great offer you will need to take some simple precautions when your house is unoccupied, in general you must turn off the mains water and have a responsible person check the property is secure on a regular basis

If the building is unoccupied between the months of October and March you will need to make sure:

  • the gas and /or electricity are turned off at the mains and all electrical appliances are unplugged or disconnected from the supply apart from any needed to run the central heating and alarm systems.
  • the water supply system and any system of heating the house using water must be completely drained 

Unless the building has:

  • a gas or oil fired central heating system set to operate continuously 24 hrs a day, every day between October and March (not controlled by a time switch)


  • there is adequate fuel supply to ensure this requirement will be met
  • the thermostat fitted to control the heating system is set no lower than 55° Fahrenheit (13° Centigrade)
  • the loft hatch, where fitted is left open


* The price above is based on a three bedroom semi detached property in the South East of Ireland valued at €150,000 and with contents cover of €20,000. The policy is subject to a €350 excess in each claim (€1000 if the claim is for Escape of water damage)