Horse Location Premises to be Registered with the Department for Agriculture, Food and the Marine


Horse Location Premises to be Registered with the Department for Agriculture, Food and the Marine

– Including Studs, Show grounds, Sales yards and Vets etc –

Horse Location Premises to be Registered with the Department for Agriculture, Food and the Marine required by  new order  signed into law by Simon Coveney, The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine. Anyone that is an owner or person in charge of any premises in which horses or other equines (such as donkeys, ponies etc) are kept to register their premises with the Department. This Order comes in to force on the 1st of May 2012 and will finalise the Department’s requirement to have a full register of premises on which all farmed animals are kept. Currently premises where cattle, sheep, pigs or poultry are kept must be registered.

This information is required to enable emergency procedures to be put in place and to allow the Department to alert owners quickly in the event of a contagious disease outbreak. This also allow the department to quickly implement disease control measures and also give advice on appropriate precautionary, containment and control measures as soon as is possible.

The Department will also use this information to enforce the EU requirements that all horses, ponies and donkeys born after 1 July 2009 have passports with a corresponding microchip/transponder and a universal equine life number (UELN).

Any person in charge of premises where horses are kept will be required to maintain records to assist the Department in tracing horses, should any disease outbreak occur. The amount of detail required to be kept in the records will depend on the catagory of premises. For example, premises where horses are kept on a temporary basis (studs, shows, sales, farriers, and vets premises etc) must record the date, UELN, name, address and the premises of origin ID of any animals brought onto their premises. Premises where there is permanent residency would be required to maintain records of ‘permanent’ movements from the premises of any resident equine being transferred to another premises on a permanent basis  or similarly permanent movements onto the premises – to include date, UELN and premises ID to/from which the equine has moved. All owners/managers will be required to comply with the registration scheme whether the premises are run as a private facility or as a commercial concern.

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