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Employers & Public Liability Insurance

It is essential for most businesses within the equestrian industry to have equine public and employers liability. Organisations that employ persons are strongly advised to protect themselves with employer’s liability from risks such as injury, fatality or disease that may affect their employees during or due to the course of their employment.

If your business is in contact with the public, or your business comes into contact with the public when conducting business, you should seriously consider public liability cover for your equestrian business. Public liability will cover your company for compensation and damage expenses, plus legal fees, in the circumstances that your company caused injury/harm to member of the public, or alternatively caused damage/harm to their property.

Businesses without public liability insurance can often find themselves responsible for paying compensation and damages to the public from their own pocket.

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Public Liability Insurance

Accident caused by you or your business Damage to 3rd party property during business hours Legal fees resulting from a claim by 3rd party

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