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Have you ever driven into an underground or multi-storey car park where nobody is around?  Most of us feel cautious when in low lit car parks.  This being said, not all car parks are dimly lit.

Here are some safety tips when parking in a car park with little or no other people around:

  • Choosing car parks – You should choose well lit, busy car parks.  Also choose car parks that have CCTV cameras installed if at all possible
  • Advertising – You should keep all valuables in your boot and not in the back seat or on the dashboard.  Also women shouldn’t advertise their selves as it is a fact that women are targeted more than men so hide any dead giveaways in the boot
  • Flat tyre – If you have found your car with a flat tyre or slow leak then you should try and get to a public place before you change it.  If that is not possible then call somebody to assist you (friend, parent, breakdown assistant)
  • Burgled vehicle – Anybody who has found out that their vehicle has been broken into or has been attempted to be broken into should immediately contact the car parks security.  If they are not available then you should call the Gardai
  • Asked for help – If you are asked for assistance by another motorist then you should show them the direction to the car park security
  • De-icer – Make sure that you have de-icer with you in winter to minimise the time you are hanging around in the car park.  No de-icer could make you a sitting target
  • Location – Always remember where you parked your car as this will reduce the amount of time you are wondering around looking for your car
  • Pack up – Pack up all your valuables into your pockets or your bag before you enter a car park.  Leaving your hands free of clutter and valuable items could help you defend your self in an attack
  • Quick exit – If you are feeling intimidated or unsafe then you should get into your car as quickly as possible, lock all doors and make your exit

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