Bond Insurance – Multiple Solutions

Types of Bonds we can offer


Various construction related bonds


Protects the Employer if the Contractor fails to perform the contract as per the terms & conditions
Security for Employer should the contractor fail to complete the contract


Protects the Employer against any defects during the maintenance / defects periods
Retention protects the employer that he can release the final element of payment and know that he has security if this is not completed as per the contract

Advance Payment

Protects an Employer for any funds he has given as advance payment / down-payment


Security that the bid entered into at tender will be entered into contract
Assists with delays if the Employer has to get a new contractor

Road & Sewer/Development

Ensures that the statutory obligations in relation to the construction and maintenance of roads or sewers are fulfilled before handover to the appropriate local authority


In favour of a local authority or the Environmental agency to guarantee the environment/land will be restored to agreed standards after contract

Duty Deferment/Customs Bonds

Allows delayed payment of the duty and taxes for an extended period on goods , to relieve pressure from cash flow

Ad hoc

Send us your Ad hoc bond enquiries and we will try our markets


Our experienced team can assist you through the process from application to completion.