Event Cancellation Insurance from Wexford Insurances

Event Insurance & Event Cancellation Insurance

Wexford Insurances supply specialist event insurance for everything from conferences, concerts, exhibitions and one-off firework displays to sporting occasions, weddings and other specialist events. We also provide insurance for Event Cancellation.

Our Event Insurance offers you the flexibility of choosing the cover you require & choose the insurance cover you require. The following are the insurance options that can be included :

  • Cancellation – If your exhibition or conference is cancelled due to something beyond your control, cover will pay you for your loss of net profit or your irrecoverable expenses, up to the limit you choose.
  • Property damage – cover for any loss of or damage to your property (or property you are responsible for) either at or whilst travelling to and from your event.Cover also includes loss of or damage to the venue’s buildings, fixtures, fittings and machinery.
  • Legal liabilities – Cover if you have to pay compensation to a third party following accidental bodily injury or damage to their property if the incident happens during your event. Cover also includes injuries from food poisoning caused by food or drink served as hospitality by you. Employers’ Liability cover is also available for your legal liability for injury to your own and casual staff.

Cover available for the following events:

  • Animal Show Insurance
  • Antiques Show Insurance
  • Art Exhibition Insurance
  • Arts & Crafts Fair Insurance
  • Auction Insurance
  • Awards Presentation Insurance
  • Concert Insurance
  • Sports Tournament Insurance
  • Dance or Disco Insurance
  • Fundraising Event Insurance
  • Boat Show Insurance
  • Fair Insurance
  • St.Patricks Day Parade Insurance
  • Car Show Insurance
  • Carnival Insurance
  • Charity Event Insurance
  • Christmas Lights Insurance
  • Ceilidh Insurance
  • Community Activity Day Insurance
  • Country Fair Insurance
  • Farmers Market Insurance
  • Fashion Show Insurance
  • Trade Show Insurance
  • Golf Tournament Insurance
  • Jumble Sale Insurance
  • Horse Show Insurance
  • Ploughing Championship Insurance
  • Marathon Insurance
  • Music Festival Insurance
  • Regatta Insurance
  • Teambuilding Insurance