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Bicycle Shop Insurance Scheme in Ireland (includes cover for bicycle hire)

Bicycle Shop Insurance Scheme including Bicycle Hire Cover. Exclusively from Wexford Insurances

Up to now bicycle shops in Ireland have had to make do with using normal “retail shop insurance”  or pay for expensive additions to their policy to give them the cover needed of bicycle shop insurance. With this in mind we have specifically designed an exclusive “Retail Bicycle Shop Insurance Policy” to meet the demands of these businesses. We know bicycle retailers need a more specialised insurance to protect themselves, their businesses and their customers in the event of an incident.

Bicycle hire businesses are vulnerable to claims made by customers in the event that any damage or loss suffered can be attributed to the actions or negligence of the hirer. Our exclusive Bicycle Hire Insurance policy covers your business against  such claims which unfortunatley are becoming more common.  

Here is a brief overview of the covers you will automatically receive with our bicycle shop insurance policy :

  • Service & Repairs including defective workmanship
  • Cover for road testing and demonstration by customers
  • Bicycles Hire Insurance included
  • Cover included while bikes are on loan or demonstration
  • Accidental damage cover on stock & fixture / fittings including theft
  • Public Liability €2,600,000  &  Employers Liability €13,000,000
  • Contents temporarily removed from premises including transit

In addition to the above benefits that are available as standard cover under our Bicycle Shop Insurance Scheme we also offer a payment facility to pay your insurance over 12 months interest free. Call us now on to avail of savings up to 30% with more cover and benefits for your business.