Bicycle Hire Business Insurance

Bicycle Hire Business Insurance


Bicycle Hire Business Insurance 

As most business owners know anything can happen when you are dealing with the public. This is especially true of a bicycle hire business where you are hiring your equipment to customers and they will be using it in situations outside of your businesses  control. 

In a bicycle hire business this can lead to your business being held responsible for any injury or loss suffered due to a failure of any equipment  that you have hired out.

Some businesses operate thinking they can avoid this by having their customers sign a disclaimer removing them from responsibility. Unfortunately this not the case as legally any business owes it’s customers a duty of care meaning that all products or services supplied must be fit for purpose.  As a result of this, if a product or service can be proven to be at fault for an incident causing loss or injury the business can be held responsible for any compensation due.  

Public Liability Insurance is an essential cover for every business. With our Bicycle Hire Business Insurance, your company can concentrate on things that make the business a success while knowing it is protected in the event of a customer or a member of the public being accidentally injured or property damaged due to an issue with the equipment or service supplied. 

Policy Summary:

The Public Liability section  of your Bicycle Hire Business Insurance Policy will provide cover for your business’s legal liability against damages, legal costs, claimants’ costs and expenses in the event of: 

    ·    accidental bodily injury to any person (other than employees) and 

    ·    accidental loss or damage to third party material property arising out of and in
         connection with your business activities.


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