Self Build Insurance from as little as €900


Self Build Insurance

Are you are planning to build a new home or extend your existing one? Do you intend manage the build yourself? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then you may be interested in our “Self Build Insurance Policy” costing from as little as €900.

Managing your self build project is time consuming and with so many trades people working along side one another and deliveries of material being loaded/unloaded and moved around the site accidents can happen even with the best safety plan in place. Your responsibility for the site doesn’t stop when your workers go home, you also need to plan for people entering the site without your permission and issues such as theft, fire, storm or flood damage. As with many things in life the initial damage may only be the start of the story. Cleaning up and removing the debris and making the site suitable for repairs or reinstatement of any damage will all cost money that you may not have to spare. There can also be costs involved with any delays to the build moving forward and your trades’ people not being able to start or complete their work when they had planned.

 Our Self Build Insurance Policy will cover you against loss up to an agreed limit in the event of many of these risks under the sections below:

 •    Contract All Risks

      ○   Malicious or Accidental Damage (including debris removal) to the building during the course of

      ○   Malicious or Accidental Damage and Theft of site materials while stored securely  
      ○   Malicious or Accidental Damage and Theft of site equipment owned by the insured (up to a  limit of

      ○   Malicious or Accidental Damage, Theft or Loss of use of hired in equipment (up to a limit of

      ○   Existing structures on the site may also be included in the cover

 •     Employers Liability Insurance protects you against claims made by employees for injuries suffered
        while working on the insured site up to a €13,000,000

 •     Public/ Products Liability Insurance protects you against claims made by third parties for injuries
        suffered on the insured site up to a limit of €2,600,000

  • Each successful claim under the Contract All Risk section of the policy will be subject an excess of €650 and under the Public/Product Liability section of €750. Claims against the Employers Liability section are not subject to an excess.

If you would like more information or to get a quote for your specific needs please contact Wexford Insurances on 053 91 22 466 or LoCall 0818 31 30 30.




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Wexford Insurances will always strive to supply you with the motor insurance policy that best meets your insurance and budget needs.


As insurance brokers Wexford Insurances take the work out of your search for the best Motor Insurance policy for the best price. Without a doubt you will have heard people saying that they got a great price for their insurance but this can be misleading. Unfortunately not all insurance policies are the same and in a lot of cases if there is a big difference in price then there is going to be a big difference in the level of cover the policy will provide. This is where Wexford Insurances excel; we know what different insurance companies see as important when setting the premium for each policy. This knowledge allows us to find the best possible level of cover and price for each client from the most suitable of the 25 insurance companies that supply us with Motor Insurance.


Types of Motor Insurance available in Ireland:


Third Party Insurance – 

This is the minimum level of cover required by law for any vehicle being driven on the public road in Ireland. Third Party Only covers protects’ you against any claim taken by a third party for damage or injury caused by the insured vehicle while it is being driven by the insured driver/s.

Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance –       

This type of policy covers your legal obligation for third party insurance as mentioned above and also will pay you a replacement value for the vehicle should it be stolen or written off due to fire damage.

Comprehensive Insurance –  

With this type of policy you will receive all of the cover mentioned above and also some or all of the covers below depending on which insurance company underwrites your policy: 

  • Cover against theft of property from the vehicle
  • Some insurance companies offer personal accident cover for serious injury or death of the insured either as standard or as an add on to their comprehensive policies
  • Accidental damage to the insured vehicle.
  • Some insurance companies offer the use of a replacement vehicle while the insured vehicle is repaired after    an accident.
  • Windscreen Damage. Most insurance companies will cover windscreen damage without deduction of excess or loss of no claims bonus.


Factors Most Likely to Affect Your Motor Insurance Premium:


When you are applying for Motor Insurance there are a number of things that insurance companies look at when they are setting a premium to be charged;

  •            Type of vehicle to be insured
  •            Age of vehicle to be insured
  •            Engine size of vehicle to be insured
  •            The location in which the vehicle will normally be kept
  •            Type of cover required (T.P, TPF&T or Comprehensive)
  •            Class of use (Social & Domestic, Business or both)
  •            No Claims Bonus or Driving Experience held by the insured
  •            Number of Drivers
  •            The Age and Driving Experience of Drivers to be Insured
  •            Type of Driving Licences held
  •            Confirmation of any penalty points held by the insured and any additional drivers


What we will need to know when you apply for motor insurance:


  •             Your name and address
  •             Your date of birth
  •              A copy of your driving licence front and back
  •              Proof of your “No Claims Bonus” if any
  •              Confirmation of any penalty points held by the insured and any additional drivers
  •              Whether you have had any motor insurance claims or motoring convictions in the past
  •              The name, address and date of birth for any additional drivers
  •              A copy of each driving licence front and back for any additional drivers
  •              Whether any additional drivers have had any motoring convictions in the past
  •              Make and exact model of the vehicle to be insured
  •              Year of vehicle manufacture
  •              Estimate of present value
  •              Engine capacity
  •              Registration Number
  •              Whether the car has been modified
  •              Confirmation that the vehicle is registered in the insured’s name (in the case of a claim,
                 proof of an Insurable interest or ownership of the vehicle will be required, failure to provide
                 this will likely lead to the claim being denied) 


What we will need to know if you are changing your vehicle:


  •             Make and exact model
  •             Year of make
  •             Estimate of present value
  •             Engine capacity
  •             Registration Number
  •             Date of Purchase
  •             Whether the car has been modified
  •             Date insurance of current vehicle is to cease
  •             Confirmation that the vehicle is registered in the insured’s name (in the case of a claim, 
                proof of an Insurable  Interest or ownership of the vehicle will be required, failure to
                provide this will likely lead to the claim being denied)


What you need to know if you are driving your vehicle abroad:


To insure your current level of protection is maintained for travel to any other country outsideIrelandand theUK, you must let us know before the trip. We shall need to know the dates of your trip and the countries you shall be visiting. We will tell you if there is an additional premium and issue a Foreign Use Extension which may include your insurance company sending you:

  •             Confirmation of the dates and countries to be visited
  •             Claims procedure notes – what you should to do if an accident occurs while you are abroad
  •             Accident statement form – so you know what information to collect at the scene of the  
  •             A list of Claims Settling Agents’ – so you know who to contact in the countries you plan to
                visit in the event of an accident


Green Cards are not necessary for travel in most European countries. For travel to a country which still requires a Green Card to be issued, this will also be included at no additional expense. You must remember to take your Policy and Certificate of Insurance with you.


It should also be noted that many motor insurance companies will only cover vehicle travel outside of Ireland and the UK up to the minimum legal requirement in the Country in which you are travelling. For example if some one in Ireland with comprehensive insurance is driving their vehicle in France they may only be insured up to the French minimum insurance requirement of Third Party Cover.

If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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Cannonball Ireland 2013 Irelands Premier Classic & Super Car Event


Cannonball Ireland is an annual gathering of supercar enthusiasts and drivers. The group will drive in convoy on an intrepid and picturesque trip amongst some of Ireland’s most breath taking roads and scenery while raising funds for charity and is a fantastic spectacle for any performance car fans.

The 2013 Cannonball is taking place on the 23rd to the 25th of August. The event will include upward of 150 classic and modern supercars touring around Ireland to the delight of both spectators and drivers in equal measure over the three days. The event will start on day one by driving from Mondello, Naas, Co. Kildare through Abbeyleix and to Ballymaloe House in Middleton and then on to St. Patricks Street in Cork where the convoy will spend the night.

On day two Saturday August 24th, CANNONBALL will leave Cork at 10.30am to take in a spectacular drive taking in Bantry, Kenmare and Killarney and will arrive in Limerick at around 5pm for the night.

Day three Sunday August 25th will see the event leave Limerick at 10am and go to Killaloe for a very special Gathering of the ‘Men of the Water’. From there the cars will travel on to Cashel in Tipperary where at 1pm where they will close  the Cannonball Festival before descending on Tullamore in County Offaly at 6pm for the finish line and celebrations

There will be some truly amazing cars on show throughout the weekend and as this is not a race, spectators will have a great chance to see and hear some of the most prestigious and amazing cars from around the world as they parade through the breath taking landscapes and charming cities and towns along the 2013 route which will make this one of the premier motoring events you are likely to see in Ireland this year.

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Win a Berney Saddle worth €800 with Wexford Insurances


A great chance to Win a Berney Saddle.

Call in and see us on stand C24 in Hall 1 during the Dublin Horse 2013 and enter our free competition to win a saddle from Berney Saddlery in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford worth €800.


Win a "Berney Saddle worth €800" from Wexford Insurances at the Dublin Horse Show


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Weather Alert from the Road Safety Authority – issued 18th January 2013

 slipperysurface warning sign
Weather alert issued by the Road Safety Authority:Heavy rain and risk of localised flooding.Cold and frosty conditions…. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is alerting road users of very changeable weather conditions over the coming days and of the need to take particular care when using the roads.

Leinster and Munster will be most at risk with snowfall Read More »

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Bicycle Safety


In Ireland, cycling is a popular form of transportation. The continuously rising petrol and diesel prices are increasing the numbers of cyclists on our roads, which is great for our pockets and the environment.

The Irish government introduced the cycle to work scheme which has been in place since the 1st January 2009. This scheme was designed to reduce road traffic, reduce our carbon footprint and to help workers to keep healthy by cycling to and from their workplace everyday. Read More »

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EU Gender Directive


What is the EU Gender Directive?

This is a new ruling that was passed by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).  It was passed by the ECJ in March 2011 and will come into effect from the 21 December 2012.  This ruling states that no longer can insurance companies charge men and women different rates on their policies.

Why was this directive introduced?

When insurance companies assess your details for a quote on car insurance they take into account many risk factors such as age, licence type, engine size and even your gender.  Insurers have been doing this for many years now and it was allowed under Irish and EU laws due to sound statistical information that gender was a risk factor.  This law was challenged by a Belgian consumer group called “Test Achtas”.  Test Achtas seen this use of gender as a risk factor as gender inequality so they challenged this law in the ECJ and their challenge was successful. Read More »

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Winter Driving Tips


The mornings are bitterly cold and are getting colder which could mean only one thing, winter is coming.  With just a little over 2 weeks until we are officially into the festive season we here at Wexford Insurances would like to give you some winter driving advice to help keep you out of harms way.


You should always think ahead when you are planning to drive in winter conditions.  Before you set off you should: Read More »

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Car Park Safety


Have you ever driven into an underground or multi-storey car park where nobody is around?  Most of us feel cautious when in low lit car parks.  This being said, not all car parks are dimly lit.

Here are some safety tips when parking in a car park with little or no other people around:

  • Choosing car parks – You should choose well lit, busy car parks.  Also choose car parks that have CCTV cameras installed if at all possible
  • Advertising – You should keep all valuables in your boot and not in the back seat or on the dashboard.  Also women shouldn’t advertise their selves as it is a fact that women are targeted more than men so hide any dead giveaways in the boot Read More »
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A Guide to Travel Insurance – Some Frequently Asked Questions


A Guide to Travel Insurance – Some Frequently Asked Questions

What does travel insurance do?

Travel insurance protects you from a range of risks when you travel. Travel insurance can be purchased to cover a single trip or a multi-travel policy can be purchased which covers any travel you undertake, typically within a year.

What type of cover does travel insurance normally provide? 

Travel insurance provides cover for a range of areas reflected in the main sections of a travel policy.
Policies typically have the following six sections;  Read More »

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