Motor Trade Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance

A Motor Trade Road Risks Policy is intended for full time Motor Traders, working from a Commercial Premises or from Home, who require Road Risk Cover for their own vehicles or vehicles in their custody or control for Motor Trade purposes.

Cover should only be available to those Motor Traders who are a self-employed person or persons actively operating a formal business, on a full time basis, for profit, either selling vehicles or providing a service relating to the repair maintenance of motor vehicles.

All Policyholders should be able to provide supporting documentation to demonstrate this when requested.


  • Drivers must be aged 25 to 74 years old
  • Must be active within Motor Trade either on a full time basis
  • Must have been resident in Ireland for at least 36 months


This is a brief outline only- please refer to Policy for full definitions limitations and conditions

  • Windscreen damage claims will affect the no claims bonus
  • Trailers are covered as per Road Traffic Act legislation
  • GVW the Policy Limitation is 7.5ton for Commercial Vehicles only
  • Third Party Liability: Unlimited indemnity for injury
  • €1,300,000 Indemnity for Third Party property damage
  • Maximum Indemnity €75,000 any one incident
  • All claims for Accidental damage, fire and theft will exclude, at minimum, the first €500.00 of any loss or as advised by Underwriters.


Additional Cover available on policies that meet the following criteria:

  • Comprehensive Cover.
  • Full time Motor Trader.
  • Proposer Aged 30 & above.
  • Minimum of 2 years Motor Trade No Claims Bonus.
  • All drivers must have no more than 4 penalty points.
  • Any other convictions must be referred.

 Cover provided under the Four Star Policy

 1.      Windscreen Cover – Limited to one claim per policy year. Vehicle must be owned by &                                                                  registered to policyholder or policyholders spouse/partner.

All claims must be made via “ALL GLASS”.

2.      Stock of vehicles – €20,000 stock of vehicles at trade premises. If no premises address                                                             informed to the insurer stock of vehicles will not be included.

3.      Motor Cycle Cover – Full ADF&T Cover given (this applies to any driver who requires                                                                    cover but all drivers must have held full motor cycle licence for                                                                      12 months. If this cover is required the insurer must be advised                                                                  including which driver it relates to & if not advised cover will                                                                        not be included.

4.      Foreign Imports – full cover provided without loading or additional excess.

5.      American and Left Hand Drive Vehicles – full cover.

6.      Free Green Card – A green card will be issued each time a client requires same – no                                                                extra charge will apply. 

7.      Free Fully Protected No Claims Bonus – policies with a minimum of 4 years bonus will                                                                                                 be protected subject to not having more than 2                                                                                           claims in a 3 year period.

Optional Extras

  • ••   Carriage of Vehicles – This will be calculated on referral to Motor Trade Department.
  • ••   Stock of Vehicles – if higher limit than €20,000 required please refer to motor trade dept.


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