Setanta Insurance announcement 17/04/2014







We have been informed at mid-day on the 17/04/2014 that Setanta have declared they are insolvent and intend to enter the company into liquidation.

We wish to confirm your policy of insurance is in force and will remain so until such time as you receive an official cancellation notice direct from Setanta advising the date your policy will be cancelled from.

If for any reason during the liquidation process Setanta are unable to meet their liability in relation to claims, own damage claims and third party claims will be subject to The Insurance Compensation Fund and The Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland respectively.

We will in the course of the coming days make every effort to contact you by telephone to discuss arranging an alternative insurer and to obtain your permission to do so.  We have been advised that cancellation return of premiums will not be guaranteed and will be subject to the liquidation process.


Please refer to the announcement made by Setanta on the 17/04/2014.  HERE

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